Woops, April

The river, from Glenora (April 14, 16C)

Yikes, I seem to have missed a bunch of posts for April, although I’ve done lots of walking, mostly with Tom. It’s been very dry, and a couple of days we hit 21C, but mostly mid-teens. Finally, on May 8, it rained, and rained. So needed. Here’s a few photos from the past month. Oh, and I got my first vaccination on April 25! Also, Tom and I saw the following Oilers: Zach Kassian riding a bike with his toddler, Leon Draisaitl with his dog and girlfriend, and Jesse Puljuj√§rvi with his dog, smiling and having fun with another kid (and his dog) near Alexander Circle. Glenora/Riverside Drive is Oilers central!

RIP beetle (of some ilk)

On April 18, we went for a much cooler walk in MacKinnon Ravine (6C). Lucky we didn’t get rained on.

MacKinnon Ravine looking west
An overcast day
April 23 in MacKinnon Ravine, the snow is gone
MacKinnon Ravine (April 23)
Snow geese! (April 27)
April 29, the first of many dandelions!
MacKinnon Bridge (April 29)

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