Why am I walking mid-afternoon?

MacKinnon Ravine

A mid-week, mid-afternoon walk with Tom. What’s wrong with this picture? Oh right.

On January 12, I got laid off from a job that I really love. A job, in some ways, I had waited for my whole life. I love writing, and it was such a pleasure and privilege to tell the stories of the Faculty of Arts. I am in a state of shock, but the state of the university is dire and we all knew cuts were coming. I just didn’t think they were coming for me. (I guess I shouldn’t have been so naïve.) I don’t know what’s next, but I hope it gives me the kind of creative joy that this job did. I will really miss the fantastic folks I worked with and alongside, but I guess in some ways that blow is lessened (a tiny bit) because we are all working remotely anyway, and most are friends on Facebook.

Today, two days later, a much needed walk with Tom. Undeniably beautiful, even if my brain was a little fucked up. OK, a lot fucked up.

2C, 12,000+ steps.

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