The Smoke Has Arrived

View to the south west was a haze of smoke

An extra long after work walk today because I didn’t realize the trail that goes up from MacKinnon Ravine to Glenora (near the Alexander Circle Fountain) was closed off for repair!

In MacKinnon Ravine, looking east. Just blue sky, no smoke!

Sooo I had to take the long way to Tom’s, back down into the ravine, up to 142nd Street (I cheated and took the stairs) eventually winding my way back. By the time I reached his place, and we walked to mine, 12,206 steps and about 90 minutes.

Gorgeous day
Deeper into MacKinnon Ravine
Stairs were longer and steeper than they look here, I swear…
View from the top, overlooking MacKinnon Ravine

Definite smoke from the US on the horizon, depending on which way you looked. East, clear blue sky. West, smoky haze. Gorgeous day though. Sunny and 19C. Even saw a random Buddha.

Hey buddy…

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