The Last Day of Summer

And it was gorgeous! Tom and I went for a wonderful walk in Mill Creek Ravine this morning. A couple of weeks ago, we discovered that the trail at the south end of the ravine was blocked because of erosion, but today, thanks to a conversation with a couple emerging out of the woods near the trail blockage, we followed a steep and root-gnarled path down into the ravine and were reunited fairly quickly with the main trail.

This is as far as we got. The trail is blocked past this point.

The ravine was full of dogs and beauty, or maybe that’s redundant? As always, because of the coolness, the poplars and birch were at peak fall. Really stunning, especially against the blue sky.

Yesterday, I took Stella for a walk in Whitemud Ravine. Sharon is in Minneapolis, and both Vic and Kate were away, so she was in need of company and exercise. She was SO excited. It was another warm day (although it started out cloudy) so we took a muddy path to creek, and she spent the next 20 minutes splashing about in the water. She really didn’t want to come out. There were no sticks, so I kept throwing rocks into the water, which she gamely tried to catch.

Stella in her happy place

And then last week (I know, I know), on September 16, I had an amazing walk home from work. Down into Emily Murphy, over the bridge, and then along the river toward Mackenzie Ravine, up the stairs to Glenora, then home. Amazeballs.

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