This Is Probably Winter

Last year, it snowed and stayed on November 1, not leaving until the following April. This year, we made it an additional day. Woohoo! It snowed on Friday, November 2 and by snow I mean a blanket-the-entire-landscape deluge. I was dog-sitting on Friday and Saturday, and when I came home from work on Friday, I had to shovel what felt like two feet of heavy, wet snow off the driveway and sidewalk. Saturday morning, after walking Stella, I had to unbury my car. On a positive note, it was sunny and the streets cleared by afternoon. Stella and I went on another, longer walk to the power line and she had a great time. She loves the snow! Even more, she loves burying her ball in the snow. As a friend on Instagram commented, “I buries it, and then I digs it up.”


Today, it’s been raining but will turn to snow later this afternoon, covering what will no doubt be a thin but deadly layer of ice. There is still a lot of snow but the streets and sidewalks are clear. My only walk was to London Drugs and the grocery store. An hour later, I was soaked from head to toe from the rain and some thoughtful person who drove into a puddle and splashed me. Thanks asshole.

I’m not looking forward to the icy walks. And the dark (today was the end of daylights savings). I just have to remember Stella, and how much fun she has in the snow. BE. LIKE. STELLA.


1C (7C on Saturday)

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