Mill Creek overflowing

More than 80+mm of rain over the last few days. So needed. All the grass was yellow, the creeks in Whitemud and Mill Creek Ravines were almost dry. Now, everything is beautiful and green.

Green grass

Tom and I walked in Mill Creek Ravine this afternoon. It’s been solid rain for three days but there was a brief reprieve around 1:00 so we laced our running shoes and headed out into the woods. As soon as I got out of my car, it was spectacular. Birds were singing, I was surrounded by a canopy of green. Good for the soul.

A full frog bog in Mill Creek Ravine
A full frog bog in Mill Creek Ravine

Oh and the frog bog was full of water and frogs. They stopped when we approached, but we could hear the frogs singing far down the path. Again, good for the soul.

Mill Creek wood

Godzilla of Mill Creek Ravine
Godzilla of Mill Creek Ravine


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