Nice Balls!

Talus Dome
The self-reflective Talus Dome

Made a specific trip over to the Fort Edmonton trail to get a closer look at the much-maligned Talus Dome. I’ve grown to love the thing as a kind of shared Edmontonian experience – the sculpture we love to hate.

Talus Dome 3Up close, it’s really quite beautiful. The thousand silver balls mirror the surroundings and even itself, making the Talus Dome self-reflective and therefore the deepest piece of public art in Edmonton. That’s something.

It was supposed to be about 12C, but it was colder and muckier than I expected. The frost on the trails made mud out of the dirt, once it melted. It was sunny though, and that makes up for what felt like a week of dull skies and rain. A refreshing, chilly, and sparkly walk.

Talus Dome 2

6C/2:00 to 4:00pm

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