Whitemud Ravine Pipeline

Whitemud Ravine pipeline from the top of the hill
Whitemud Ravine pipeline from the top of the hill (on the right)

PipelineFabulous walk in north Whitemud Ravine this afternoon. Drove down Rainbow Valley Road, parked, and then walked along the trail that crosses by Snow Valley and leads to the river (or Fort Edmonton trail on the left). Really beautiful. We sat on a picnic table by the river under the blue sky, watching ducks swim over one by one. Even with the Whitemud freeway in the distance, it was very peaceful.

On the way back, we walked up a giant hill in search of an entry point for the red pipeline which spans across Whitemud Ravine and should be a pedestrian bridge but isn’t. (Didn’t even know it was a pipeline until this afternoon.) At the top, we followed a grassy trail by the university farm in Grandview toward the bridge. As expected, it’s blocked off by a fence, down a steep hill, and completely inaccessible. Or at least inaccessible for two middle-aged people, not a teenage boy (or girl) with no sense of their own mortality.

I’m just not that kind of daredevil. Or any kind of daredevil. It’s cool to imagine jumping over the fence and walking down a very narrow pathway over to the other side of the ravine, but that will never happen. On the other hand, I do think it should be re-purposed into a pedestrian crossing. With high safety rails and stuff. And some stairs. And maybe a zip line. I’d consider that. But not this.

The pipeline, a few years ago.
The pipeline, a few years ago.

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  1. Hi Donna, I would love to use this pipeline photo on my website, and can give you credit. Please let me know if you would like to do this.

  2. I am looking for some history on this pipeline. Was it for water transportation or what? When was it built, what was it’s purpose? There are a few of theses in the City and I would like to know a little more about them….anyone?

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