Hello Mill Creek

Mill Creek Ravine 2

A deeply restorative (and beautiful) walk in Mill Creek Ravine this afternoon. Still a bit chilly, but the sun on my face made up for the cold. Walked for about an hour along the northern half, with the weirdly green creek snaking along beside me in the woods. Only passed one other soul, and no dogs. A few birds, although I did mistake a squirrel for a robin. It’s all a blur with these contacts. The golden ass of a squirrel – from a distance – could easily be mistaken for a puffed out red breast.

Mill Creek Ravine 1

The drive over (for an appointment) was slippery, but the trails were packed with fresh snow and not slippery at all. A perfect time to walk. With the melt coming, things are about to turn grey, but the ravine is a gleaming, pristine winterscape.

Mill Creek Ravine 3 Mill Creek Ravine 4

Oh, and I saw a fully decorated Christmas tree. I love you, Mill Creek Ravine.

Mill Creek Christmas Tree

I call it, reflection in a green ball...
I call it, reflection in a green ball…
A sleeping wasp nest
A sleeping wasp nest
A fully awake Pileated Woodpecker
A fully awake Pileated Woodpecker

-11C/12:30 to 1:30PM

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