Louise McKinney Park in sepia. If I can't make it pretty, I'll make it old
Louise McKinney Park in sepia. If I can’t make it pretty, I’ll make it old

Today would be my idea of an ugly day. Ugly. The temperature is superb, about 3, but the sky is overcast and the snow is dirty. I walked briefly in the Rossdale and Louise McKinney Park, and it seemed like twilight at 1:30! As much as I love Vancouver, I would not be able to handle the clouds. Puffy is good. Thundery is better. A sheath of grey sucks. I am GLAD that I got out for a walk in the river valley, but I was almost shaking my head in disgust. C’mon day, you can do better! Ah well, it was a walk, and that is always good.

North Saskatchewan River ice
North Saskatchewan River ice
Pigeons in Rossdale-the most colourful scenery
The most colourful thing in Rossdale

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