It’s Heeeere….

White-breasted Nuthatch

Well, the snow is here, but it’s not been too bad. Cold, yes, but not a lot of snow – not like Buffalo which just got more than six feet of snow. I’m a little envious. We rarely get giant dumps of snow like that, so with all due respect to the folks who have been inconvenienced, and of course those who have lost their lives (shoveling), I think it would be really something to experience that kind of snowfall. As long as I had ample supplies of peanut M&M’s, and whale blubber (to keep me warm).

Whitemud hill

Very little activity since the snow came last weekend. I’m feeling blah (or is that meh?), so not a lot of energy to take myself out to the trails. Today, however, was quite lovely. Went to Whitemud Ravine, just north of Snow Valley, in search of the oft talked about but rarely seen (at least by us) Barred Owl. No joy. But, I brought along some seeds and nuts, and at one point had a chickadee and white-breasted nuthatch feeding out of the palm of my hand (but not at the same time). Spread the rest of the seeds along the wood rails at one of the lookout points, and we were soon surrounded by chickadees, nuthatches, bluejays, and a squirrel. Feeding birds (and other animals) gives me a ridiculous amount of pleasure, even when I’m feeling kind of crummy. Thanks birdies.


Whitemud trees in white


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