Creek hill

Just a t-shirt today. (Also pants.) So spectacular. So springy. Giant puddles everywhere, and in the ravine, snow the look and texture of granulated sugar. Geese flying overhead, honking their return, and even a few robins. I had to lure Maggie down the hill with treats, but once we were on the monkey trail, she shed her reluctant walker persona in favour of her true self – happy, energetic bounder of logs, sniffer of grass, and overall jolly companion. Like a lot of us, she doesn’t like the ‘getting there’ part, but once she’s in the ravine, or on a monkey trail, she forgets she’s old and has pure, puppy fun.

Whitemud Ravine just below the powerline is fantastically alive. The creek is a torrent, and the trees are full of bird song and the tap, tap, tapping of beaks on bark. Don’t know what they’ll find this early in the season. I’m sure if I stayed out a little longer, I would have seen a bug or two. Still no end in sight to the nice weather.

View from below the bridge


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