Drove to north Whitemud Creek for some stairs and a walk in the woods. Somehow I neglected to remember it rained all day Wednesday. The trail was a sheet of ice. Still beautiful. Still full of birdsong and dogs. But…terribly treacherous. It’s always a few degrees cooler in the ravines, so even though ‘above ground’ it’s melty and wet, down in Whitemud it was snow, covered by a lethal layer of ice. No incidents, although there was some lovely bird action on a seed-covered fence. Chickadees and Red-breasted Nuthatches.They didn’t seem to mind that I was shooting photographs. Surprised one didn’t land on me (which would have been OK.) The stairs nearly killed me. I’ve got to get out more…

Walked around the ‘hood yesterday with the dog. It was raining on our heads, and with all that sticky snow, we couldn’t wait to get back home and build a snowman. Come to think of it, maybe that was just me. Maggie didn’t help at all.

Snowman 2


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