Whitemud Creek Ravine~north to south

Tree trunk
Could be the side of a cliff, not a tree trunk, if you squint…

An exceptionally long walk this morning, starting with stairs at the north end of Whitemud Ravine, followed Tree with mushroomsby an hour and a half hike through the cool woods. Almost…almost fall-like. Splashes of yellow here and there, with a certain tang to the air reminiscent of an autumnal day. The humidity, however, dispelled those rumours, in spite of the mostly overcast sky. I’m always disappointed with my photos on cloudy days. Instead of capturing the subdued beauty of the landscape at rest, the pictures looked washed out. Gotta fiddle some more with the settings. Suffice to say, it was a sensually exquisite walk, full of birdsong, bubbling water, and squirrels racing up the dry and cracking trees, for no other reason I think, then to play. The sound of the morning was as beautiful as the sights.

Mushroom up close


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