New Trail

An obliging butterfly
An obliging butterfly

Or at least, a new part of an old trail. South of the Fort Edmonton Park trail, and left of the staircase in Aspen Gardens, or…the trail that was flooded two weeks ago. North of that bit. My kindly sister dropped me off at the top of the stairs and I basically walked south for about an hour and a half, through the now unflooded trail, Snow Valley, and then Whitemud Creek Ravine. All of it is Whitemud Creek Ravine, but for the purposes of this excursion, the Whitemud Creek I know…

Butterfly Two

Very beautiful. Coolish morning, with a little rain, but also some sun and butterflies. And, not surprisingly, lots of erosion from the creek spillage. No dog today. She’s in Hawrelak at a meet n’ greet for the Humane Society, otherwise known as Pets in the Park. I wonder if she found her Donnaless walk as weird as I found my Maggieless walk…

Sign on the trail next to the Equestrian Centre.
Wow. The Equestrian Centre really takes its snacking seriously…


The carnivorous Whitemud Creek...
The carnivorous Whitemud Creek takes yet another chunk out of the trail
The rare Tree Dolly
The rare Tree Dolly




2 replies on “New Trail”

  1. Bun Bags, ;D – Of course you know they’re not for snacks….right?
    Great trail blog, I enjoy reading it.
    Many happy trails!

  2. Thanks very much! I guessed they weren’t for snacks, but a girl can dream…

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