A Brawl & a Buddhist

Maggie eating grass

Uneventful and shortish walk in Whitemud today. Maggie got attacked by a cocker spaniel (one of my least favourite mutts), but nothing serious. Got the usual, ‘he never does that’, but no harm done. Maggie was solely focused on eating grass. Eventually, she just stopped in the middle of the trail. I wanted to go up both hills (this part of the trail is in a basin), but the dog was not cooperating. She’d eaten her grass, had a dip in the creek, and successfully avoided a more serious melee with a spaniel, and she wanted to go home. Her walk was done.

On the way back up the hill, I saw a guy walking down the hill with a broom, sweeping the path in front of him. I thought it was my first ever Jain Buddhist, but no, just a painter clearing the way for a stripe. How disappointing.


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