Not so Manic Monday

Above Whitemud Creek
Above Whitemud Creek

Walked all three days of the Victoria Day long weekend. Whitemud Creek on Saturday in the blazing heat. Terwilliger off-leash on an overcast Sunday, and today…back in Whitemud Creek but along the trails closer to the ski hill. Also overcast, and humid. Maybe we’ll get a spot of rain. Did a lot of monkey trails today. The sand bars running parallel with the water remind me of Mill Creek. Can’t wait to get back there next week, during my holidays. As for Whitemud, the creek is sporting a rust colour these days. Not mud, something organic, or so the person who knows such things tells me. As per usual, Maggie doesn’t discriminate. She got thoroughly soaked today, and then rolled in something. So, back into the water. So far, all I smell is wet dog. Nothing ‘organic.’


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