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Heading into Emily Murphy
Stepping into Emily Murphy


Walked for about 50 minutes on my lunch break today. Awesome. Hitting the trails is so much better than hitting the internet. Started on Saskatchewan Drive and then into the woods near the hill, and finally into Emily Murphy Park. For some reason there was a lot of police cars, and a few people lugging camera equipment in the area. Even down by the entrance to the trail, there was a policeman and several cars. I asked Officer Friendly what was going on, and he said he couldn’t tell me. “But…no baddies?” He smiled. “No baddies,” and so I carried on. Probably some government goober having a hotdog at the Faculty Club.

Most of the trail is clear, although there is ice and mud in the usual spots. Nothing I couldn’t skip around. So beautiful outside. After Monday’s 30C, today’s 14C seemed chilly, at least at first, but once I kicked up my speed, it was a perfect temperature. Tons of little butterflies, orange and blue, and other assorted buggery. What was most striking was the gorgeous spring smells in the woods. New foliage, things greening up. What a difference from last week.
I’ve been taking a few ‘learning’ classes at work, and common to all is an exploration of values. I have a pretty good self awareness, but my priorities have shifted. Very close to the top of my list of things I value is being outdoors, walking in nature, specifically the river valley. Observing, being quiet, just being. I have neglected this personal truth in the last two years. I have walked on trails, even many new trails, but not often enough, and not with the same awareness. Using my lunch hour to recharge in the woods near the river is a good thing.


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