Sunny Saturday

Saturday sun

My kinda day. SUN. BLUE SKY. Still far enough away from spring for the snow to be sparkling white. Did a loop around Whitemud Creek ravine, starting in the neighbourhoodwhosenameIalwaysforget. The rich one, with the giant houses. Yes, that one. About 10 blocks worth, and then into the ravine. Nothing exceptional about the walk. Just bird-loud and beautiful. Not too many people. I’ve found this winter to quite drab. Maybe I’m just missing Mill Creek Ravine. A grey sky didn’t stop me from walking, but here in southeast Edmonton, it does. The dog doesn’t get it. A walk is a walk. Maybe it takes too long to get to the ravine from my current abode. Extra grey time, Extra traffic. In Mill Creek, I was just two blocks from the peacefulness of the woods. Whatevs…today I am grateful for the sun.


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