More snow…

This post may go without a photo (resolved, I think), which would be a shame as this city is postcard beautiful at the moment, with more snow on the way. New computer. Having trouble with images (resolved, I think…) Anyway, not a lot of walking in the last week. It’s been dark, and I’ve been busy. No excuse, or at least, that’s what the dog says.

Last weekend was tremendously beautiful. So was yesterday. Not so much today. It’s grey and snowing. With the power-line route opened up, Whitemud Creek Ravine is accessible again. Not that it wasn’t before, it just took a lot longer. When Maggie saw no frost fence preventing her from running down the hill last weekend, she went full gallop into the ravine. I might have mentioned this already. So nice to wander around on the snowy paths along the creek. Even yesterday, the creek was still running. The water is oil black, but there is a distinct and rather delightful babble coming from the slow-moving bubbles of water visible under a thin, crystaline layer of ice. Kinda like red blood cells coursing through an artery. Except black.

Hope I can fix the photo thing soon…



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