The Sun! The Sun!

My favourite orb is back after a long absence. There’s been shocks of sunlight here and there, but not a bright, blue-sky day in weeks. And so lovely against the 10 cm of snow. Maggie and I went for an hour plus walk in Whitemud Ravine. Beautiful in every way. The trees and bushes were sparkling with water droplets. The shadows on the snow were purple and blue. The air was mild. Maggie was giddy with excitement. She loves the snow. I wore my cramp-ons because of the ice, which was not so bad on the trails, but treacherous on the north-facing sidewalks. Those things…man…I know I’ve said this before, but they are so awesome. They remind me of that skit by Bill Cosby where he takes karate lessons and is so over-confident in his newly acquired skills, he walks down a back alley at night with five dollar bills hanging out of his pocket. I feel the same way about cramp-ons. They really cramp on.

After all this snow, I suppose I should change the autumn banner on my blog. I suspect that winter is here to stay, in spite of the three days of warm weather this week. After that, into the tanker again. Still, there is nothing more beautiful than a sunny, snowy day.


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