Wind in the Poplars

Maggie’s elbow

So much for ‘artistic’ shots of the ravine. I tried to take a picture of the dappled shadows on the trail and ended up with a photograph of Maggie’s armpit and elbow, although I’m not sure if dogs actually have elbows. She probably thought I was bending down to give her a snack, and when she licked my face, I snapped a picture. Ah well. It’s not the first time she’s insinuated herself into one of my photographs.

In spite of the wind, and the noise from the wind, it was a lovely day for a long walk in Whitemud Ravine. I was not alone in these thoughts; everyone (and their dog) was out for a stroll through the woods on this last day of the long weekend, the only one with reasonable weather.

With the wind and the rain, and only one walk, I got in a lot of reading this weekend, and the dog napped like a champion. A solid way to spend a few days off, I think.



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