Aspen Gardens

In my attempt to find a new route out of Whitemud Ravine today, I got lost in Aspen Gardens. Not a big deal, except that it was hot and humid, and I was afraid Maggie would stroke out before we found our way through the cul-de-sac lousy neighbourhood. Turns out, Maggie has a better sense of direction than me. After about 20 minutes of sun drenched dead-ends, when I wanted to go left, she veered right and refused to go with me. Dog is smart. Eventually things started to look familiar, and we ended up at Westbrook School. Second mistake of the day, we took a short-cut through the field. As of the last few days, the mosquitoes are back with a vengeance. They swarmed our blood-infused flesh, and there was nothingĀ  to do but run. Once again, the dog showed good manners and did not laugh at my lack of grace. Not even a snicker. Later on, she rubbed her snout in the dew-moistened grass to stop the itch from what must have been at least a few bites.

The ravine was cool(ish) and still very wet. There’s been no reprieve from the rain. We get at least a little something every day, and some days it’s a deluge. Very unusual, but I suppose not unwelcome. I’d rather have too much rain than not enough.

1:00PM (two hours in the woods…and gardens), 24C

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