Snow in Mill Creek (and everywhere else)

Walked yesterday in Mill Creek. Couldn’t help it. 10 cm of fresh snow. Also, had to go pee a dog in Rossdale, so grabbed my camera, a couple of cookies from Wild Earth (for later), and headed for the woods. Other than a congress of dogs near the entrance, there was no one in the ravine. The snow was unbelievable; soft, thick, and almost entirely untrodden. Just the other day I was thinking of dusting off my running shoes, but it’s back to the boots for awhile.

Near the west end of Louise McKinney I noticed some huge duck-like footprints in


the snow, and as I was about to take a picture, I noticed the geese. My two geese, returned from wherever they go to get the hell away from Edmonton in the winter. I’m not entirely sure it’s the same geese, but it’s always just the two that show up in March. Not sure why they don’t go to Hawrelak like all the other geese, but whatevs, I enjoy their company. Poor things, freezing their little feathered bums in the snow. Wish I’d had a sandwich or something to throw to them.

Last Wednesday, Maggie and I went to Whitemud after 6:30, and the sky was full of geese, just circling. Looking for sandwiches, I guess. There was hardly any snow. Gotta be prepared for this sort of thing in spring.



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