White and Blue

Beautiful, beautiful. The white snow, the blue sky, and most importantly, the balmy temperature. Actually, the blue sky is the most important thing, but all three together makes for a spectacular walk. Went the Westbrook route, which is initially kinda boring, but after 15 minutes of snow-covered mansions, Whitemud Creek suddenly opens up. Love this part of the ravine. The path is high above the green snail of the creek that runs (in the summer) so far below the ridge it’s almost invisible. At certain points, the trail offers great views of Whitemud Creek, with lookouts and benches. But…other than the trilling waxwings, the ravine was largely emptied of fellow walkers, so Maggie was off-leash and in dog heaven. The 10cm of snow this last week has made the trails soft and much safer. Tried to take a picture of her snow-dappled snout, but I’m too slow and she’s too distracted.

Today was the reward for last week, which was horribly cold. Felt like opening a vein…just for the warmth. I think. It is also the last time I will walk Maggie until early February. For two weeks I’ll be dog-sitting Eddie, a mentally-challenged whippet. The great news is that I’ll be back in my old neighbourhood, and by neighbourhood I mean Mill Creek Ravine. It feels like I’ve been gone for years, not four months…


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