January Sun

Another beautiful day. Maggie and I carried on longer than originally intended, and half way through I wished I’d worn a lighter coat. Or no coat at all. Walked up to the muskrat pond along the power line, although we failed to lure any muskrats from their swampy dens. The pond is frozen over, the cattails stuck in their autumnal repose. It was lovely.

Maggie post-snooze

Maggie, currently snoring on the couch beside me, pounced several times on some unseen creature in the tall grass, but thankfully came up empty-pawed. I suspect she would be as horrified as I’d be if she ever caught anything. It’s all about the chase, about exercising her inner coyote.

The spikes on my crampons continued their magical performance on the ice. There was plenty of clear path today, but I chose to walk along the slippery edges. It’s all about the invinciblity, about exercising my inner Edmund Hillary.


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