A final walk…for awhile.

What a beautiful day. My last walk (probably) in Edmonton for the next two weeks. My walking blog is about to transform into a travel blog. Ah well, it’s all walking, whether it’s in a museum, or on a river trail.

Maggie waits...

Really mild for a mid-November Thursday. Maggie and I did the Power Line-Whitemud Creek-Westbrook route under blue skies and a right in the eyeballs sun. Earlier today, it was raining, so I’m glad we were able to squeeze in a long walk. Since this is a work day, which I happen to have off, few people were on the trails, other than the requisite retirees. With no one around, Maggie got to romp in the bush off-leash, which makes both of us very happy. I can walk at a faster pace and she can stop and start when she likes, which is often. Usually, she’s ahead of me, but stays pretty close. Such a good doggie. Have I said that already? I will miss her for the two weeks I’m in Sweden.


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