Veering Off

The white cliffs of Whitemud

Especially nice walk this morning. My intention was to go for a half hour walk around the power line, really more for Maggie’s sake than mine, but it was so beautiful outside, we just kept walking. Veered off the little footbridge onto the path that runs along Whitemud Creek. It’s a dead end, or at least I consider it a dead end as I don’t like walking straight up the side of the ravine on a questionable path which leads to another, paved path at the top. I’ve walked up there before and it’s very sketch. Anyway, this little trail is fairly short, but lovely. Almost too overgrown in the summer, but perfect now that many of the bushes and trees have defoliated themselves, which is very kind of them. Maggie was absolutely in heaven running through the tall grass. No other dogs or people so she had the path entirely to herself, other than her companion of course. In this part of Whitemud, it’s like being in a canyon. The hill on the east side looks sheered off, eroded, and exposed earth has been bleached dune-white by the sun. Almost expect to see a cactus growing out of the side of it.

Yesterday, like the day before, I walked along my old trails, through Rossdale and Louise McKinney Park. The trees are just a few days past peak autumn, but still ludicrously yellow, a phrase Nigella Lawson applies to squash, but one I think suits the poplar leaves in Edmonton this time of year. I’m all about hyperbole, especially in autumn.


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