Early Walk

Cool and wet morning walk in Whitemud Creek with the dog. We backtracked through the swankified Blue Quill neighbourhood instead of taking the powerline route. Took about twenty minutes to get to the ravine, and with my back to the bright sun, it was a pleasant start to my walk. As for the emerald green, highly manicured lawns we passed along the way…sorry…Maggie drinks alot of water.

Fairly uneventful in ravine itself. Very yellow, not a lot of company. Too early, I suppose. Still having trouble getting enough walks during the week. I think I’ll dedicate one day a week to walk my old routes, at least until we lose the light in a month. I’ll be home late, but at at least I’ll be assured of three or four good walks a week.

Funny thing I noticed about this area of town. We’ve had a very sunny September, and it just seems wherever I walk, the sun is beating down on my head. I now realize that while this is a well-tree’d neighbourhood, the streets are very broad, so the trees never meet at the top or spill over onto the sidewalks and boulevards, not that there are many (if any) boulevards.The trees are tucked into the yards. No canopies. Strathcona/Mill Creek is a tightly packed, heavily foliated neighbourhood, with boulevards. There is definitely more shade in south-central Edmonton. On the other hand, with respect to the ravines, the trees in Whitemud are taller, and of a different variety, than those in Mill Creek. Not sure why this should be, other than I suspect Whitemud is a deeper ravine and the conditions are more favourable for birches. And powerlines.


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