Back again. Sort of…

I’m such a nerd. I could hardly wait to walk ‘home’ today, even though it’s a route I’ve taken a bazillion times, fairly recently, and really, I only walked to a downtown LRT station. 45 minutes. And yet…just being on a familiar trail made me very happy. The trail I took started along the western edge of Saskatchewan Drive with a dip into the river valley, ending at the legislature. The rest of it was on cement. Nevertheless, this is definitely the way to go. Even in just the few weeks I’ve been living in the ‘burbs, I totally missed that feeling of anticipation, thinking about what path I would take, and for how long. It’s just not the same thinking about an LRT full of sweaty, hostile people pushing up against my sweaty, hostile self. Very few endorphins and none of them are rushing. I’ve been so lucky, having my commute be the best part of my day. For the next eight months, it’s a means to an end, but at the end, there is always a happy dog, happily anticipating a walk with me. That makes the commute bearable. And now, with a 40 minute daily trek into the river valley, I can see my way through the months ahead.


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