Some Like it Hot

The Rocky Road to Dublin...I mean, Mill Creek

But not me.

I know our summers are short, but from a walker’s perspective, cooler days are better. It’s been hot for a few days now, and it’s quite lovely, but the walks are a slog, or at least the work-day walks. On weekends, I can walk in the mornings, although I did walk to work on Tuesday, which was pleasant enough.

Things are already looking a little parched in the river valley, and the North Saskatchewan is very low…with not one seagull island, but two. And there are lots of grasshoppers, one of the most affable of the trail bugs. I say this because they hop out of the way of my feet, but not too far. They seem happy enough to share the road. Also watched a procession of ants marching across the path with little white wafers held above their tiny heads. Whether it was food, or nesting materials, the ants had obviously deemed their swag worthy of hauling across the hot cement. It was a large platoon, all in lockstep. Quite fascinating. I may or may not have stepped on a few of the soldiers in my haste to get the hell out of the heat, and for that I am sorry. Mea culpa insectum.

So, other than some lively buggery in the river valley…so to speak…not much else to report. It might rain next week. Fingers crossed.



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