Over to Riverdale

Green and purple complementing one another in Mill Creek

A spectacular day. Not too terribly hot, but warm enough to feel like mid-summer. Could have gone to Heritage Days, but opted to stay in this part of the river valley where I know I can find shade and there are more dragonflies than humans. It’s not that I don’t enjoy watching hordes of sweaty people eating something unrecognizable off a stick, but I’ve been to the event many times and my days in Mill Creek are coming to an end, at least temporarily. Once I’ve had a snootful of Whitemud Creek, I’ll be back.

Walked over to Riverdale today, backwards to my usual route: Mill Creek, McKinney, Riverdale, McNally, 98 Ave path, Muttart, and then back to Mill Creek, instead of the other way around. I sure do love me some Riverdale. Such a quiet, comfortable neighbourhood,

Gulls in repose

with just the right amount of eccentricity. There are some crazy gardeners over there, which is awesome. Still a bit of construction near the Dawson Bridge, but it did not impede my progress.

Made a point of walking along the monkey path between the 98 Ave path and the Cloverdale Bridge. The river has┬áreally dropped in the last few days, and ‘Seagull Island’ has re-emerged from the depths of the mighty North Saskatchewan. Just a sprinkling of gulls on it’s shores, and not much squawking which was unusual.

About a two hour walk. Feeling a bit crispy. Not as crispy as something unrecognizable on a stick, however.


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