We’re Number One!

Patty, the daytime hooker

Yep. Edmonton has overtaken Winnipeg as the mosquito capital of Canada. We are also the murder capital of Canada, which is in no way related. One more interesting fact: we’ve had 33 days with rain out of the last 43. For a mosquito larvae, Edmonton, and our many standing pools of fetid water, is the ultimate staycation.

The mosquito in question is not our typical summer pest. According to the Edmonton Journal, we are up to our swollen tissues in Ochlerotatus spencerii, an unusual mosquito for these parts in that it is a ‘daytime biter.’ It is also an indoor biter, an under the umbrella biter, and a right through my shorts biter. As long as their plungers are wet (with blood) these little shits are entirely indiscriminate about when and where, and whom, they bite.

Nevertheless, today I had a great walk in the warm sun, which is a nice change. Also happy to report that the leaf-roller caterpillars, or worms, that infest Rossdale in June and July are gone. The numbers were way down this year, according to a Rossdale resident. I saw three and that was enough to keep me out of that area for a month. I think I am permanently scarred from that time, a few years ago, when the worms hanging from the trees and bushes were so numerous, it looked like someone had decorated the neighbourhood with squirming green party favours. There were thousands of them. I’ve never gotten over it. In any case, the area is back to its usual lovely, lush self. I’m ever so thrilled that I can add this route back into my walking regimen.



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