And again…

view between the raindrops at McKinney

Raindrops, bazillions of raindrops, have fallen since last Friday, many of them on my head. In spite of the wet, I’ve walked up and down the stairs, along the trails, one side of Mill Creek to the other, downtown and Louise McKinney Park.¬†I submit that there is just not enough product in the world to get the frizz out of my otherwise relatively straight hair.¬†Luckily, being on holidays, my access to human beings is limited. Tomorrow, back to work. Hope I have a good hair day.

It is astonishingly, exuberantly green in this city. Also very mushroomy. This is some consolation. The other is that we are on the other side of the drought. Whatevs, I love the rain, or at least I prefer it over excessive heat. I wish there had been a few more sunny days on my holidays, but the weather did not prevent me from walking. It did, however, prevent me from entering beauty contests.




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