Green Monday

A picture perfect day, the first day of a week of holidays. Felt dopey all day yesterday, so I took Sunday ‘off’ to recover from the Relay for Life. Wouldn’t trust myself with heavy machinery or a pair of running shoes, so best to stay close to home. Today, however, was a different story. Couldn’t wait to get into the woods, get some sun, and escape the giant pounding machines on 99th street. White-throated sparrows and robins welcomed my arrival in Mill Creek Ravine, and as an unexpected bonus, the mosquitoes failed to swarm. There were a few, and I think I lost some blood to their ravenous appetites, but no clouds of flying insects stalking me as I walked. In fact, I had the river valley pretty much to myself, human-wise. A few people in Louise McKinney Park but they were mostly workers operating giant pounding machines. Not exactly sure what they’re doing with the middle and lower paths, but I suspect it has something to do with pounding. The rest of the walk was peaceful. And warm. And pretty.




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