Good…no, GREAT Friday

Just asking for it...

An early morning Good Friday walk in the woods. Excellent time to take a hike. The mud on the trails was still frozen so it was relatively muck-free, and completely, unutterably gorgeous. The robins and waxwings were singing, the sky was a luminous blue, and everything was indeed, good. Ice covered puddles with a thin crystalized film of ice provided many delicious opportunities to shatter and crack my way through the woods. Felt so energized I even did some stairs at the north end of Mill Creek. All the lower trails were passable, although the central area close to where the rooster roosts was entirely ice covered and most likely impossible to cross later on in the afternoon. Other parts of Mill Creek are quite dry and

The rare Glovewood tree

almost dusty. Typical spring day.

The Glovewoods are blooming everywhere. Even ran across a very rare Glovewood tree with a big, fat blossom. Bushes and shrubs are much more common, but occasionally a tree will sprout a five-fingered bloom, but of course, only in the Spring. Spent about 90 minutes on the trails. Thank you Jesus for the day off. And Mr Fruit n’ Nut.


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