Sick Day

Mill Creek beginning to flood

Walked on Saturday, which is where these pictures originate, but I was flat on my back sick yesterday, and today, I’m up and around but still woozy. Such a shame. I watched that beautiful, sunny Sunday pass me by from the couch. It’s 12:30 on Monday and I don’t think I’ll be getting out onto the trails today either. Some sort of flu-like thing. Feels like I’m on a boat. I don’t like boats.

Saturday, however, was spectacular. Mostly stayed in south Mill Creek, but it was a long walk nontheless, due in part to the terribly slippery sidewalks. Just getting into the river valley is a workout. The trails were fine, not icy. Mill Creek is already flooding in some places. At one point, I came across giant area of water. There were two people and their two black dogs on the other side. None of us knew what to do. “River or puddle?” I said. They shrugged. And then their dogs came bounding across the ‘river’ toward me. We all laughed. A bit wet, but not deep. Only dogs would potentially sacrifice their lives for a fondle. Anyway, thanks doggies. Without your assistance I would have probably turned around.

Like 2009, this spring might be treacherous in Mill Creek. I remember not being able to walk down there for a couple of weeks. I discovered this the hard way, after sinking knee-deep in river water, which I thought was dirty, but solid ground. It’s quite amazing how much the creek changes in speed and girth, depending on the time of year. In the middle

A Mill Creek Christmas (in February)

of summer, it’s usually so low you just can’t imagine how it could ever flood. And then there are times, usually after a rain, when it’s running so fast it’s like a mountain stream.

Curiously, towards the south end of Mill Creek, I ran across a little tree, decorated for Christmas. Very pretty, if not slightly unseasonal. I’ve been down this way quite a bit, and somehow I either missed this festive sight, or there’s been a recent decorative episode. How very odd, and delightful. Obviously, there are some very industrious and creative birds in the ravine.

I can’t write anymore. The couch is beckoning. Back to the boat.

It was 5C on Saturday, I think. I have no idea what it is today, but it looks nice. 🙁

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