Yeah, not into the long, after work winter walks yet. Doing a lot of short sprints, which get me home but not much

Twilight in Edmonton, without the vampires.

else. No real fitness (other than 25 minutes of flat land strolling), no river valley inspired meditative ‘altered states’ (other than a kind of light-headedness from gulping car exhaust), and very little sun (other than what I can absorb from an overpriced bottle of Vitamin D.)

No reason for this. It’s been relatively mild. I’m just relatively lazy. I need to get back into my winter routine, especially with boxes of Turtles and festively sprinkled goodies looming in my future.

As for today’s walk, short and frosty. Took my mitts off briefly to take this photo on Saskatchewan Drive, but my fingers started weeping almost immediately. Such whiners, especially the pinkies.

I remain optimistic about tomorrow.


Sunrise: 8:27AM/Sunset: 4:19PM

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