Wide Open

Leah Dorion's Turtle Effigy

Another spectacular day. Well, maybe I’m overstating it a bit. It was nice. The sun was shining, and it was warm. I didn’t win the lottery or anything. My walk home started out in bright sunshine, but 45 minutes later, I could see my breath, and the light was dim. It’s DAY 3. My third last day to take the long route home. By Monday, after daylights saving is lifted, I’ll only be able to take the mid-length river valley routes. And a week or so after that, no river valley paths at all. That’s OK. It’s only for a couple of months, and walking in the dark along city streets has it’s own pleasures. More podcasts, Christmas lights, and I can sing along to the songs on my iPod. Without the sun, and in traffic, no one can hear me, no one see me. Bring on the Abba.

The paths in Mill Creek are wide and open without the leaves. There are times in the summer when the trails are so lush, it’s impossible to walk untouched by a branch or a leaf. Now, in it’s defoliated state, it’s hard to imagine. The colours are stunning, but subtle, and I wish my camera was better at low contrast, low light photographs. Of course, it might just be me, and I will admit I’ve never actually cracked the manual, but I do my best. Which is adequate.

Nice to see that the Turtle Effigy stone installation appears to be a permanent feature at the entry to Louise McKinney Park. It’s become part of the landscape. Grass took over by mid-summer and now it’s as if the rocks have always been there, like the Chinese obelisk above the Effigy and the GIANT public washroom below. I am the first to admit, McKinney is weird, but I love this little parkette.


Sunrise: 8:37 AM Sunset: 5:58 PM

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