It happened again…

December 19th, 2009...but close enough

The snow.

That’s what happened.

And no, it wasn’t as bad as depicted in this photograph. Just forgot my camera today, so I had to dig into the archives. There is a smattering of snow about, pools of wet, and bone-chilling cold. Although it’s not that cold…a mere zero degrees. If this were January, there’d be guys in shorts strolling proudly through the streets. Today, everyone was wrapped in thick, black woolen things. The wind and the gloom makes it seem colder. I don’t know…I guess I just want the first snow to be those big fat flakes falling gently and whimsically from the sky, not the painful mini-slaps to the face which greeted me at the door this morning.

A bit of overtime at work, so shortish walk. Aiming to walk for at least 90 minutes tomorrow. Been lazy lately, and I’m feeling it in my brain. Apparently.

6:05 PM/0C

Sunrise: 8:19 AM  Sunset: 6:17 PM

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