A Whitemud walk

Maggie, freshly dipped in creek water

Walked through Whitemud Creek today. Turns out, it’s just as hot and humid in south-east Edmonton as it is in south-central. The good thing is that I was once again reunited with my favourite walking buddy, Maggie, although we were not alone in the ravine. Along with the usual crowd, there were a bazillion mosquitoes. Smashed a few that were engorged with my precious blood, so by the end of the walk, I looked like I’d been in a fight with a raccoon. Maggie didn’t seem quite as bothered by the mozzies; she was busy reading her pee-mail, and too engrossed in the comings and goings of the local dog population to be concerned with a few pesky insects. Nevertheless, I felt compelled to brush away the ones feasting on her nose and ears. I wish she’d extended the same courtesy to me, but whatever. I was glad for the company.

We did our usual route through the power line near Blue Quill, winding our way eventually into Whitemud Creek. In spite of the slight inversiony odour above ground, especially today, the woods smelled like blueberries. Maggie likes to avail herself of all available water: puddles, ponds, creeks…and the more stagnant the better, so on this hot day, she made three mad dashes into the creek. Can’t blame her, wish I could join her…sort of. The moment we stepped out the door her tongue was hanging down to her paws, but after the first dip, she revived.


Like Mill Creek, Whitemud has a bunch of wooden bridges crossing over the creek at various points. Unlike Mill Creek, the creek is wider, longer, and appears to have more than a few beavers in attendance. Spotted three large dams, but no beeves. Too early.

Made it most of the way to the north end, near Ski Valley, but turned around early because of the mosquitoes. Just under two hours. A good walk for all involved, especially the mosquitoes.

6:46 PM/27C

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