You’re welcome, dragonflies

engorged with my blood

Note to self: do not take shortcuts through grassy areas, like the Muttart, and especially Kinsmen. There may be a mosquito or two, or a thousand, waiting patiently in the grass for the next bag of blood to come walking by, which today, happened to be me. I was literally swarmed. At certain points my entire body looked like the ‘before’ arm in that OFF commercial. Almost immediately, the air was full of dragonflies, but they were only interested in the mosquitoes flying around me, not the ones on me.

Took a short route home today, made even shorter by my unfortunate stroll through Mosquito Flats, otherwise known as Kinsmen. Very, very humid but not as warm as predicted. Good thing. I was in a weakened state from loss of blood. Extra heat would have killed me.

5:20 PM/22C

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