A Slice of Shaw

Really. Does it have to get any warmer than 21C? Such a nice, relaxed walk home. A bit windy, but didn’t feel my life force ebbing away, unlike yesterday for instance. Not a fan of the heat, but I love summer, so these cool reprieves are most welcome. From what I hear, the next few days will be brutal.

Aside from nearly getting run over on River Road (thanks old guy in truck), the walk was uneventful. It’s almost the middle of summer, and everything is just kind of status quo. It probably won’t get any greener, or lusher. The flowers have bloomed, with the exception of the sunflowers which are just starting to reveal their bright faces. Animals and birds who were born just weeks ago are now teenagers. Soon, the river will turn aquamarine, and the Poplar leaves, always the first to go, will begin to turn yellow. But for now, it’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy.┬áIt’s the sleepin’ that’s hard.

6:05 PM/21C

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