Yeah, I see you up there…

Come and get me!

Pretty much the same conditions as yesterday. Hot. Humid. Thought I was outrunning a storm, but the clouds were all bark, no bite. So far. Nevertheless, now that I know that my backpack is more than happy to invite the wet in, I wrapped everything in a white garbage bag. Clothes and shoes, primarily, but no electronic items. I have learned my lesson; I am deeply and inescapably humbled by the power of rain. Or…maybe god just wants me to have a 32G iPod Touch with voice control and 7,000 song capacity. Just like Him, really.

Similar route to Wednesday, down River Road to Rossdale, but instead of heading into McKinney, I walked up the path west of 99 St, and then through the monkey trail by the river. The trails are getting narrower as the foliage creeps in from the sides. In another week, I’ll be bushwhacking my way home with a machete. It’s a jungle out there. Heh.

5:46 PM/24C

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