Wet Wet Wet

As wet as a wet rat

Well, I suppose it’s my own fault.

No coat, short sleeves, and rain. At least I remembered my umbrella, which means the top of my head stayed dry while everything else got soaked. Especially my left arm, waving willy nilly at the side of my body as it does. Why do I buy cheap umbrellas? The circumference is the size of an average melon (such as my head), and they expose their underbellies at the slightest breeze. Didn’t feel like wearing a lot of clothes this morning because it was so humid, and I did not fill my pockets with change for an alternative form of transportation should it begin to rain. Which it did…just as predicted.

However, it wasn’t too cold, and it was only a short 25 minute walk down Saskatchewan Drive. And really, rain is nice. Most of the time. The green gets deeper, the greys greyer, and the air smells like wet things. Plus, it’s one of my favourite sounds in the world.

Must be some sort of back to work hysteria. Hope I feel this way tomorrow.

5:05 PM/14C

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