Rossdale blossoms

It’s not ‘honey, get the Fargo DVD‘ hot…yet...but it’s close. Tomorrow. That’ll be the scorcher. Today was manageable, even pleasant, but two or three degrees too hot for me. Not crazy about sweating. I prefer my ‘glow’ to come from within. However, even though it’s only been a few days since I walked my usual paths, the change in foliage is dramatic. It’s getting thick. And pink. And green. I love the shininess of recently unfurled poplar leaves, and the aromatic presence of apple, mayday, and Russian olive blossoms wafting through the air.

Glad I took the Rossdale path. I was going to take the downtown route but the MacDonald Hotel stairs have crime-scene tape blocking them off, due to a dead guy found on the middle deck last night. Can’t say I’m surprised. There are often no-goodniks loitering about on the stairs, and the bus stop at the top of the hill is a nightmare. But…the stairs are a great workout, even if they make me walk funny the next day.

OK, that’s it. I’m too hot. I’ll save Fargo for tomorrow, but tonight  I think a chilly, rainy X-files episode will be a most welcome distraction from the heat.


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