Mother Goose, where’d ya go?

Someone call social services

This is the third day in a row the eggs in the nest under the Cloverdale Bridge have been motherless. I’ve gone by at different times of the day, so I’m not just catching it at a ‘scheduled’ break. I realize the mum has to leave every now and then to get a sandwich, but this seems strange. Has she abandoned the nest?  I see the geese in Louise McKinney Park every day, so the family is present, they’re just not attending to the nest.  It’s a confusing and sad thing to watch unfold, especially as there is nothing I can do, short of rappelling down the bridge with a rope and a snuggly for the eggs.

On a brighter note, I got rained on today. As soon as I saw the sky outside my door, I realized it was a definite possibility. I wouldn’t choose to walk in the rain, but if the skies open up while I’m walking, well, what are you going to do but enjoy it? Prior to this, I was having a good hair day, but this is now a distant memory. However, the rain made the ravine smell gorgeous, and as soon as it stopped, the Robins came out singing. Who wouldn’t? Worms for lunch! Yum.

1:30 PM/11C

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