Down by the Bog

Frog Bog

Good news. There is water…of a sort…in the frog bog. I wouldn’t dip my toe in it, or any part of my body, but I’m not a frog. Slimy and grey is the thing in bog ambience, and I expect to hear a cacophony of croaks, cackles, keening, and every other type of lovesick frog song in the coming days. Oh frogs.

Hmm…the depth of my fascination with amphibians getting in on at the local bog suggests I may need to get out of the river valley more often…

However, I did notice that green is overtaking brown in the city. So nice of nature to oblige my colour preferences. After several days of rain the air no longer smells like the inside of my vacuum. Just fresh, green life….getting it on.

6:05 PM/13C

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