The smell of hot spruce

I love the smell of warm sap in the morning

Is there anything nicer?  Reminds me of family trips to Jasper when I was a kid.

A summer walk, minus the foliage. Can’t believe it’s so warm today. Wore my shorts and a tank top, exposing my sparkling white skin to the sun and fellow albinos on the trails. All non-green life has returned to the river valley. The bugs, the birds, the motorcyclists…all of us surprised by a July day in April.

Wallked through Rutherford again (still looking for that moose)…through Mill Creek (still looking for that coyote) and then over to the north side of the river. Lots of pale Edmontonians sucking up the vitamin D as they walked, strolled, snogged, jogged, biked, and roller-bladed  along the promenade at Louise McKinney Park. One exception…a deeply tanned and very buff gentleman, generously (and entirely conspicuously) displaying his shirtless torso to all onlookers, making the rest of us appear to be suffering from tuberculosis. Loser.

A waterless, frogless bog is no bog at all

I’m a little worried about the frog bog. It’s so dry, there isn’t even any muck for them to muck about and make little tadpoles. It’s usually around this time…maybe a week later, that I can hear them croaking in the bog. It’s a very unusual sound, more like a cracking than a croaking, and I look forward to it every year. Hopefully it will rain soon and all the little froggies can go a courtin’.

2:59 PM/23C

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