Bohemian Rhapsody

give me your car keys...

Today, just below Saskatchewan Drive by the University, the trees were full of Bohemian Waxwings getting their drunk on, as is their fermented berry-picking way. Such a lovely bird, and so collegial. As I was watching the waxwings swerve fom tree to tree, I spotted another┬áRobin, which is the second one I’ve seen this year. I hear them all the time, outside my window in the morning, and even now…at 7:17 pm. It’s very calming, like the sound of water bubbling over rocks in a stream.

Feeling much more energetic today, so I took one of the routes that takes about 90 minutes, door to door. The little staircase at the north end of the Low Level Bridge has police tape across the rails. Some waste of skin set a fire, and the stairs are now unusable. At least it didn’t spread. The river valley, like everywhere else, is dry as a bone.

Lots of people out enjoying the weather. Lots of dogs, too. A woman near one of the Mill Creek bridges asked if I’d seen a ‘small red dog’ that escaped a neighbours yard. I do try to keep an eye open for strays. You can’t walk through the ravine without seeing a poster for a missing dog or cat. I did find a dog once, or more accurately it found me. Just started walking in step…like we were together, and it took a few minutes to realize the dog was alone. It was a sheltie-type dog, so it probably thought that, like him, I was I was on my way to find some sheep. He was wrong, and after a quick phone-call, the dog was returned to his owner. But today, sadly, no small red dogs. Just a flock of stewed waxwings.

6:05 PM/16C

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